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Irrigation Services in Falmouth, Massachusetts

Ensure your lawn receives the proper nourishment year-round with irrigation services from our company in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Aqua Irrigation, Inc., offers customized maintenance for your irrigation/sprinkler systems up to three times a year. Plus, between maintenance checks, we perform needed repairs to your system.
Spring Services
  • Start up & check system
  • Check system for broken heads & clogged nozzles
  • Clean around the heads & adjust for proper coverage
  • Set controller & rain sensor/replace batteries when needed
Mid-Season Services
  • Make seasonal adjustment to controller to account for the warmer temperatures & the moisture requirements of summer
  • Check system for broken heads & clogged nozzles
  • Make any necessary adjustments
Winterization Services
  • Purge water from entire system with compressed air
  • Drain backflow preventer
  • Shut off controller
Garden Automatic Irrigation System - sprinkler systems in Teaticket, MA
Request an estimate for sprinkler system services and maintenance from our irrigation company in Falmouth, Massachusetts.